Assume you are a recent start-up company that manufactures and markets a new, fully

organic energy drink. Draw up a simple plan for the selection / assessment of foreign

target markets by outlining a set of criteria you intend to apply. Try to strike a good

balance between criteria that indicate potential and those that indicate ‘risk’. For each

of the criteria provide a rationale. 


Energy drinks allude to refreshments that contain, other than calories, caffeine in the mix

with other assumed vitality improving fixings, for example, taurine, natural concentrates, and B

vitamins. The energy drink portion envelops a variety of alternatives including prepared to drink,

shots, and in powder frame. All around, energy drinks hold 47.3% of the utilitarian refreshment's

general piece of the overall industry, while they involve 62.6% in the United States. So there are

extensive opportunities for an entirely organic energy drink in every market as they had a huge

demand globally (Hopps, 2008) .

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