BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE (or whatever is appropriate for your topic)

computer science


This is the start of the paper. The first paragraph should briefly introduce the problem or issues, without too much detail. Briefly state what this paper intends to show. All except the title and abstract should be double-spaced, as shown in this format sample. Margins are 1” on all sides. Add a page header as shown. First page number should be 1 (since title and abstract pages do not display the header and do not count toward your page count). Use fonts and font sizes exactly as shown in this document. Paragraph two should outline the structure of the paper, in a fashion similar to this. This paper is organized as follows. Section 2 presents a description of the problem or issue, Section 3 discusses..., and Section presents conclusions. This part of the paper should be only one or two paragraphs long. Generally, two paragraphs is sufficient for the introduction. 

2. BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE (or whatever is appropriate for your topic) Major section numbers should then commence, using the heading formats shown below. Any figures or charts should be small in size, and may not be counted in the page count. They should be labeled “Figure a.b” where a represents the section number, and b represents the sequential numbering of figures within that section. In general, papers for this course should not have figures or charts.

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