The AJAX method for development of an application

computer science


Unlike most of the other tools with which you worked throughout this Module, AJAX is

unique in that it is not a singular technology. Rather, it is a collection of pre-existing

techniques (e.g., JavaScript and XML). This asynchronous tool is particularly

advantageous in the sense that it does not require Web pages to reload for dynamic

content to display. This means improved interactivity. Moreover, AJAX tends to be quite

compact, with a single Web page capable of handling many different applications at

once. AJAX is not without disadvantages, though.

 For example, many Web users turn

off JavaScript functionality; since AJAX is built on JavaScript, this can prove

problematic. Nevertheless, there are ways to work around these problems; thus, such

issues should not be a deterrent to learning AJAX. As such, you are developing your

first AJAX client for this Discussion.

Attached to this week's Learning Resources is an AJAX example. Consider this

example of a simple AJAX client to a simple PHP Web service over the HTTP protocol.

The example is a zip file ( - available in the Week 7 Learning Resources) of

a PHP NetBeans project that uses the built-in local Web server of NetBeans. The

example uses two files:

1. getCurrentDateTime.php—a simple PHP file that returns the current UTC/GMT

date and time

2. MyFirstAJAXClient.html—a simple AJAX client that invokes the

getCurrentDateTime.php over AJAX

The results of running this example are shown in this screenshot as Step 1 (before

clicking the button) and Step 2 (after clicking the button):

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