Baldwin Technology Sector




Baldwin is a manufacturing startup heavily involved in an emerging technology sector.

Baldwin’s competitors in this industry are Andrews, Chester, Digby, Erie, and Ferris. Each of

these companies had entered the industry at the same time with nearly identical resources. Over

the next eight years the companies competed for market shares and to establish themselves with

the customer base. The result was a dynamic market that was sensitive to the companies’

decision making. Customer reaction to these decisions determined whether the companies would

grow into profitable organization poised for long term success or if they would fall by the

wayside and be forced to close their doors.

Baldwin is headed by a team of highly competent executives. Their teamwork and intuitive

decision making skills set the stage for Baldwin’s success. Throughout the eight year history of

Baldwin, the team was forced to overcome several obstacles, remaining flexible and adaptable.

Baldwin ensured that they kept a finger on the pulse of this growing industry, while keeping an

eye on the actions of their competition. Sound decision making through knowing when to make

changes, when to hold steady, and when to ramp up has helped Baldwin take a strong hold on

market shares and has put them within striking distance of the title of industry leader.

1. Company Organization

Knowing that the management team of any company is as essential as the product itself and

that even though a great product could be manufactured, however if the management team does

not execute the company’s plan, lost sales could occur which in return could be fatal for the

company. To well define work assignments so that there are an increased efficiency and

improved communication, Team Baldwin Company is comprised of four main departments:

 R&D department

Headed by Leon Mawengo. In charge of developing new products and improving or

revising current products in the market. Team Baldwin had 5 existing products in the

market and introduced one new product Bronze to the market.

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