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social sciences


Informative Speech


Topic Selection

GT: Child Abuse

GP: To Inform – Issue

SP: To inform the audience about several factors impacting child abuse occurrences.

Thesis: Several factors can increase the likelihood of child abuse occurrences.

Audience Analysis:

Many of the individual in audience are over 20 meaning they are more likely to be

concerned with children because they may have children themselves. Many audience members,

in fact, do have children so this may make the topic more important to those people – they value

the subject. The younger audience may not be as concerned with child abuse, but I hope that

my attention getter in the beginning will open their eyes to the scope of the issue and my

relevancy that some of these factors may affect them in the future will increase their interest.

Most people know about child abuse situations because they’re covered in the media.

However, I don’t think many know what situations make child abuse more likely to occur. I will

need to define factors and give examples to support that.

Religion, as a demographic, may also play a factor because the majority of the audience

is probably Christian. Since my issue deals with the Christian religion I had to be very careful to

just state the facts, so as not to offend those of the religion and include that some of the

religious causes that increase the rate of child abuse is based on personal interpretation of the

religion and is not a consensus idea among all of the Christian Faith.

I think Religion is also the major issue affecting my audience’s attitude toward my

subject because religion is thought to be the guidance of morals and child abuse is certainly not

moral, so they seem to be conflicting beliefs. I also think that there is the belief that we should

accept all family structures and the audience may think I am against certain family structures,

but I make sure to point out that family structures don’t indicate child abuse- child abuse is just

more likely to occur within certain family structures.

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