Colonialism, Cold war, Violence, Peaceful Coexistence

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Colonialism, Cold war, Violence, Peaceful Coexistence

-Fanon pushes us to confront the violent history and consequences of Colonialism. Answer the following questions: (Please FOCUS on answering these points when writing essay)

1. What does Fanon say about how we construct the world and produce knowledge about different cultures along the lines of race in ways that hinder a vision of universalism, human solidarity and the desire for global peace co-existence based off of his readings of "Concerning Violence"  from The Wretched of the Earth and "The Fact of Blackness" from Black Skin, White Masks  ( please focus on this topic when writing essay seeing how it's a really short essay. Talk about Universal Normality and Abnormality if you can) 

2. Why is this important to understand globalization? (Why is the Cold War significant to our understanding of Globalization and view of Peaceful Coexists? Is Globalization providing an objectively real foundation for achieving the vision of Universalism?)

3. Engage articles by Gunn and Ignacief in your response. 

 - Here's info on the articles about the two


Human rights standards are addressed through three cases: Islam's free marriage decision, the West inquiring as to whether human rights are a western develop, and East Asia's monetary achievement dismissing western independence. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights doesn't specify religion, drive receiving western ways, or delegitimize conventional culture. It thinks about good independence and communitarian obligations, and is constantly political. Commentators say it is excessively voluntaristic and serves worldwide capital, yet these rights originate from the base and constrain a typical equivalent discourse that is not simply "West" versus "not West".


We have a moral and good commitment to recognize our "self" as for, in comprehension of, and in contrast with the "other" in a threatening sympathy toward distinction. Human solidarity is addressed as we characterize ourselves through contrast, and as devotion and patriotism true blue the requirement for relinquish. [2] We should break this cycle by turning the subjects of "self" and "other" into crystals: even in their resistance, neither can comprehend itself without reference to what it is most certainly not. )

4. Consider the native/settler, & master/slaves dichotomies (Native Tension, Colonial world, Basically its Fanon's Work vs The Cold War Dichotomy, such as world divided between two opposing faces,  stalemate, and two superpowers dividing ideologically)

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