Based on the facts/stats I presented in the module, it seems like Congress is not particularly diverse



1.) Based on the facts/stats I presented in the module, it seems like Congress is not particularly diverse, or at least not as diverse as our country actually is.  However, do you think this is a problem?  Some might argue that women are better represented by women and that people of color are better represented by other people of color, and as a result, it is a big problem that Congress is predominantly made up of white men.  However, others might argue that race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation do not matter that much when it comes to representation, so we should just try to elect the best person regardless of any of those factors.  What do YOU think?  Should Congress be more diverse?  Please make sure to explain your response.   

2.) As mentioned in the module, there are no term limits for members of Congress, which means they can keep getting reelected potentially for decades.  Would you be in favor of having term limits for members of Congress, meaning, limiting their time in office to a certain length (let's say 10 years)?  Support your arguments and  explain why you think things would be better with or without term limits.   

part 2:
- 300 word

1.) Currently in Congress, the Democratic Party has the majority in the House of Representatives and the Republican Party has the majority in the Senate.  Using your knowledge of how a bill becomes a law, why does this kind of "divided government" make it very difficult for laws to get made?  Additionally, what do you see as the advantages AND disadvantages of a system that makes it so difficult to get laws made? In your response, please make specific references to the video on law-making that I made. 

2.) There are many people who consider gerrymandering to be a huge political problem that disrupts our system of democracy.  Please describe how gerrymandering happens, why it happens, and how it could be seen as a threat to democracy.  In your answer, please make specific references to the Redistricting module page and to the definitions of democracy we covered earlier in the semester.  

You do not need to write this is an essay-style format.  You can simply number each response #1-2.  

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