BBQfun as an external marketing consultant to review the marketing plan and policies and procedures of the organization



Task 1 BBQfun scenario

You have been employed by BBQfun as an external marketing consultant to review

the marketing plan and policies and procedures of the organisation. You will need to

conduct market research and suggest appropriate marketing activities based on

research and in line with the marketing strategy of BBQfun.

Consider the following scenario information:

BBQfun has a great deal of confidence that the general marketing strategy contained

in their marketing plan is sound and should help them to achieve their marketing

goals which are to:

 increase sales to $12 million in FY2014/15 and to $15 million per year by the end of


 increase market share to 25% in FY2015/16

 increase our loyalty customers list from 8,000 in the previous financial year to

12,000 in FY2016/17

 establish brand recognition in Brisbane so that at least two in three people

recognize the brand by end of FY2016/17

Management is concerned about the level of detail contained in its target market

profiling. For example, Caulfield has been identified as an affluent suburb where

many renovating customers live. No information is available on other suburbs that

match the target markets. More information is needed in other suburbs. More

information is required on lifestyle and psychographic characteristics of potential and

current customers as well as behavioral characteristics of the target markets.

BBQfun is also concerned about how up-to-date the information in the marketing plan


Because of the lack of specific profile information, BBQfun has resorted to mass

television and print advertisements across the Brisbane area. This has resulted in

increased sales, but not enough to justify the huge expense. In fact, while gross profit

has steadily increased, net profit has remained flat due to the massive advertising

spend. This spend is nevertheless considered necessary to keep competitors at bay

and maintain market share in the face of stiff competition on price.

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