I am Shenali Nupehewa who are following BBA degree program at srilanka institute of information technology Currently I am in 2nd year 2nd semester student.



1). I am Shenali Nupehewa who are following BBA degree program at srilanka institute of information technology Currently I am in 2nd year 2nd semester student.

 I have done many group assignments in the university. But I didn’t know about Belbin’s team roles. After studying that lesson, I had an opportunity to compare my class activity with the Belbin’s team roles theory.

Here I am going to explain how Belbin’s team roles are performed in the group assignment that I have participated.

Our task is to select and interview a successful businessman in Sri Lanka. There she asked to write a biography report and to do a presentation about him.

Role- There were 7 members in our group including myself. Group leader divided the topics among members. We got an appointment from him and fixed a date and went to interview him. Each member asked questions and recorded his speech. After that we had prepared report and presentation and voiced the presentation.

There has been a time limit for us to finish the task. Now I’m able to tell how we did that task on that day. Actually, every student is new to the group. Before my lecturer advised us to begin the project, we had 10 to 15 mins to speak about approximately the assignment .So, first of all what we did is, so one can get a friendly environment in working as a set, every student turned into requested to introduce themselves to the organization fast Later we studied the commands and got a clear cut concept what to do. We overtly mentioned the way to do and came to an idea to assign roles to each student in the group So, each problem was mentioned overtly within the organization. One student who is elder than each person in our group innovatively advised that he is inquisitive about leading a team and undisputedly, he have become the leader of the group

As a shaper the leader was managed, control our activities and guide us in the correct path. Team workers are very active and supported to get the interview from the manager. Completer finisher is combining that information and make the presentation slides. One student managed this function nicely and he coordinated our group to the goal effectively acting like a coordinator. One has innovative ideas on how to do our presentation in a fresh way representing the role as a plant. Monitor Evaluator become the member in our group who analyzed all information regarding the report.  Implementor gave his thoughts about how to meet and interview the businessman and he had changed his concept right into a movement. All group members gave their fullest support to finish the project extra efficaciously. It shows the harmony of our group.

Finally, we successfully make the assessment and present it together.


2). Employees are the principle key factor of a successful Organization. A team isn't a group of human beings with activity titles, however a congregation of people, each of whom has a position which is known by means of others.

According to Dr. Meredith Belbin there are 9 clusters of conduct amongst individuals which referred to as Belbin team roles. Each team who are working in an enterprise needs get right of entry to every of 9 Belbin team function behaviors to become a excessive appearing crew. Every Belbin group function has strengths& weaknesses and each group function has a equal importance.

Belbin team role principle help people to discover their strengths. In a few cases, people may be unaware to their strengths or may additionally take them as a right assuming that everybody else have to additionally possess the ability or attitude which comes evidently to them.

Instead of figuring out a specific job name or branch, this permits people to apply crew position language to illustrate how they work first-class and what they are able to convey to a team or challenge.

 A resource investigator, shaper might enjoy a lively, rapid-paced surroundings while reveal evaluator completer finisher worker works fine given time and area to make selections and but matters right.

As soon as people recognize their personal contributions, it's far critical that they understand one another’s strengths and apprehend how colleagues’ abilities supplement their own work. as soon as group individuals recognize how others can contribute, they are much more likely to name on one another to play to their strengths, meaning that human beings do no longer waste time & effort looking to make amends for their weakest roles.

As individuals and teams turn out to be more acquainted with the language of group roles, it may be used to assign humans to project teams, in addition to diagnosing and remedying existing problems.

overall performance critiques have a sizable impact on worker engagement. contain strengths into overall performance conservations and reviews, and assist employees to set desires based on their strength

In order to ensure lasting employee engagement, it is essential to build a culture of strengths, which capitalizes at the competencies of each crew member. team roles can offer a language to explain different sorts of work and to find the ideal man or woman to perform it.

By using Belbin team roles to make the group position lexicon imperative to the operating environment, it can make certain that all contributions are valued and represented where vital. now not best this beautify worker engagement, but it'll also assist to keep away from the development of sure team role cultures, where one contribution is valued above others.

These kinds of key factors lead to boom of productivity in the organization, Minimization of conflicts, build up accurate relationships among employees, improvement in the organizational lifestyle as other resources make matters possible but human assets make things appear.

In end, Belbin group roles are all about selling, and gambling to our strengths. the use of crew Roles, we are able to pick out wonderful contributions and provide techniques to reduce the effect of associated weaknesses. we are able to better recognize the strengths of those round us and control relationships which may in any other case cause frustration.

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