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For this assignment, assume that you are a team of management consultants hired to formulate a company’s strategy. As a management consulting team, you are required to research the company and the industry yourself, and to conduct the required analyses using the tools, theories, and ideas that you have learned in the program. To conduct this project, you should follow a typical strategic management process.

Company Name: Omega Protein Corporation


4. Internal Analysis

4.1. Organizational Analysis

4.1.1. Corporate Mission

4.1.2. Products and Services

4.1.3. Leadership

4.1.4. Organizational Culture

4.1.5. Structure

4.2. Analysis of Firm Resources and Capabilities

4.2.1. Tangible Resources

4.2.2. Intangible Resources

4.2.3. Core Competencies and Sustainable Advantages

Length 12-15 pages


4. Internal Analysis

Briefly explain what the internal analysis entails and what the

purpose of this part is.

4.1. Organizational Analysis

Briefly discuss why we should analyze the different aspects of the

organization and how it relates to the other parts of the internal

analysis of the firm.

4.1.1. Corporate Mission

Directly quote the organizational mission and vision statements.

Discuss what they mean in the context of the case company’s


4.1.2. Products and Services

Here you should list and explain all the products and services

offered by the case company. It would be best if you could also

provide the revenue generated by each product line or service

category. More importantly, we need to know the growth rate as

well as the market share of each product/service. A nice addition

could be placing different product and services of the company in

a BCG matrix.

4.1.3. Leadership

This section should list all the top executives of the company,

along with their past experience, education, demographics,

personality-related anecdotes, professional and personal

relationships, and their leadership styles. Special attention

should be given to the CEO and Chairperson of the Board of

Directors. It is understandable if you cannot provide all the

details. Please try to cover as much ground as possible. You do

not need to analyze the whole board of directors. Instead focus

your efforts on the leadership, i.e. top executives (CEO, CFO,

COO and VPs), and the chairman of the board.

4.1.4. Organizational Culture

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