Benefits and risks of big data



Mayer-Schonberg and Curkier engage their readers in a discussion regarding the benefits and risks of big data. They include a consideration of which of our practices, values, and beliefs might need to change in order to manage the “transformation” and “revolution” that they believe big data will bring. Using these chapters and drawing from the entirety of the readings we have done for the course, choose a question that you find especially intriguing regarding the practices of collecting and drawing conclusions using big data. Perhaps there is some aspect of big data that you wish to promote, or that you think should be obstructed or cautiously implemented. Perhaps you are intrigued by the changes in values and behavior that big data could bring, and you wish to explore these changes further, taking a position on how we might best proceed. Once you’ve determined the focus for your paper, you will compose an argument that 1) analyzes the issues/essays relevant to this question, and 2) makes a claim that can be supported using the readings and discussions that we’ve had in class.

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