Strategic Management



Please, please, please use Appendix 1 in the course outline to format and structure your analysis. 

Include the following information in your case analysis and make sure that all sections listed in

Appendix 1 are included in your submission.

1. Assess Barry Gross, the founder and President of How has Gross performed as

the President of the company as it progressed from new venture into its current growth phase?

2. Regarding’s current operations, what are its strengths and weaknesses? What

resources, capabilities and core competencies greatly benefit the company? In what areas is the

company potentially weak or require managerial attention? What is your overall conclusion

regarding’s current operations?

3. Conduct an analysis of’s financial statements. Where is the company strong

and/or growing? Where is the company weak? What is your opinion regarding why the company

may be weak in this area? What is your overall assessment of the current financial condition of

4. What is’s stage in the new venture life cycle? Why? What, as a result, is the

greatest challenge for as a result? What potential steps will need

to take in order to address this challenge?

5. Briefly summarize the operational and strategic issues faced by, and consider the

options that Barry Gross has to address these issues. What are your recommendations regarding

the course of action that and Barry Gross should take to address these key

strategic and operational issues?


Case Study Report’s Format

The format for all case study reports is detailed below. In the elaboration of each of these sections,

the student should include concepts from the chapter covered in the course.

I. Introduction

  •  A brief history of the company
  •  Information about the industry – including Five Forces, PESTEL, Benchmarking,

Strategic Group Map, driving forces of industry change, etc.

  •  Company mission (stated or implied)
  •  Company objectives and goals (stated and implied)
  •  Company strategies [should link to company objectives or goals]
  • Complete SWOT analysis (include support)

Analysis of financial data for two to three years (Include of the income

the ement, balance sheet using appropriate financial ratios. Financials for some

companies can be found in the company’s annual reports or from sources like

Yahoo Finance, etc.)

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