BMGT 364 Galaxy Toys, Inc. Company Profile



BMGT 364 Galaxy Toys, Inc. Company Profile

Welcome to Galaxy Toys, Inc.! The assessment projects for this course will examine

different facets of the management of Galaxy Toys and students will be exploring

various scenarios and providing analysis and recommendations from the perspective of

a management consultant. Each project has been carefully designed to provide

students with opportunities to demonstrate mastery of various management concepts

that students have been developing through various learning activities presented in the

classroom (both in the face-to-face discussions and online discussions).

 In Project 1, students will demonstrate their understanding of the broad role of

managers within an organization and how various organizational theories

(historical and current) affect these roles.

 In Project 2, students are expected to apply course concepts and materials to

provide real-world recommendations for managers that relate to the planning


 In Project 3, students will present their analysis and recommendations that

demonstrate their ability to organize, lead, and control employees in ways that

ultimately support the organization’s vision and strategy for business success.

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