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Add one page on company history and introduction.

  •  One of the biggest problem faced by the company is launching new car in the

year named Tesla model S which the company is planning to launch by the end of year 2017.

  •  The problem is that the company has already started the booking of the model and it has

already reached more than 400,000 bookings.

  •  The company has the ability to produce only 40,000 cars per year which is almost nowhere

matching the requirements.

 So as per the estimates if the company works with the present working format it can not meet the

the output will the end of 2028 also.

They are going to face a major problem if it does not change its strategy.

 Some of the strategies are

1. Increasing the number of factories

2. Increasing the factors of production. Such as labor and even raw material

3. The company might also require better infrastructure where it can carry out this big production on a

large scale

4. A large amount of investment is also required

Some other solutions.

 The company can shift its production plants to countries like India and china

Benefits of shifting production to these countries

1. Production in these countries will be cheaper as compared to in the USA

2. Many qualified workers will be available at a much low cost

3. Raw materials will be also cheaper and good in quality

4. Both countries are interested in FDI which makes it easy for investors to invest and make profits

If you find any other problem, then also add some details and solutions.

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