Who is the article’s intended audience? Why authors target that audience?




MGMT 601: Assignment #1 – Article Review (Presentation)

Choose one of the course topics covered on Weeks from 3 to 10 which is of interest for you and find a 12-15-page article related to this topic. Articles must come from an Academic journal on the list provided below. If you need help choosing a journal, you can consult a librarian or UCW writing coach.  Your presentation will be delivered in class and will be scheduled according to the topic you have chosen.  Your instructor might limit the number of presenters for each week (usually 2-3 presenters each week, depending on the number of students in the class). Usage of the Gibbs’ Cycle for this assignment is at the discretion of your instructor.

Before you start working on your presentation, you should thoroughly explore the grading rubric at the end of this instruction and clearly identify key elements based on which your presentation will be assessed.

In your presentation you should briefly describe the content of the article chosen, identifying key assumptions and conclusions of the authors and giving your opinion on them. The main focus of your presentation must be on providing a critical analysis of the article, using criteria mentioned in the Part B of the grading rubric below. Your analysis should lead to a justified conclusion: whether you will recommend this article to your colleagues and classmates or not and why. You also need to briefly assess relevance/applicability of the concepts of the article in both overall business settings and personal work settings.


        Ask your instructor if you are required to use Gibbs’ Cycle for this assignment

        Critical thinking must be demonstrated to get a good mark

        Address three of the categories provided in the grading rubric below: Purpose and Audience, Authority, Accuracy & Reliability, Objectivity, Currency, and Coverage

        Print and submit a copy of the article to the instructor (preferably your annotated copy)

        Write a one-page summary of the article and print out a class set

        Complete an APA reference (must be on the back of the handout)

        Submit your presentations via Turnitin (in ppt format) before class begins, on the due date: Monday, of each week based on the schedule given

        Be ready to present on the class date of the week assigned. Anyone not prepared to present on the due date will face a regular late penalty of 10%/day.


        The presentation should not exceed 10 minutes (make a rehearsal at home!); allocate 1-2 minutes for questions and answers

        Speak naturally, keep appropriate pace, avoid reading from slides or a piece of paper

        Maintain eye contact with your audience; keep your listeners engaged and ensure that they fully understood key ideas of your presentation


This assignment holds a value of 10% of your final mark.

Marks are assigned as per the Grading Rubric in this instruction.

Part A (30%) -Provide a brief summary of the important points the author makes (no more than 2-3 slides) about the subject, and give your opinion supported by reasons and the author’s perspective

Part B (25%) – Address three of the categories below:

Purpose and Audience, Authority, Accuracy & Reliability, Objectivity, Currency, and Coverage

Part C – (35%) – Identify the most interesting thing(s) you learned about the article’s subject.  How can you use what you have learned at work and in your business career?  Why (or why not) would you recommend this article to others?

Part D - (10%) - Professionalism, Grammar, Format, Presentation skills, and references


Grading Rubric for Assignment #1



Unacceptable                               Excellent


Part A

         Briefly summarized all important points in the article

         Gave opinion of summarized points

         Supported opinion with reasons

         Had focused discussion on most significant points

         Gave opinion on author’s perspective and discussed reasons for thoughts


0-17                      18-26                   27-30









Part B

Choose any 3

         Discussed required information

         Demonstrated critical thinking in discussion of points

0-13                       14-20                21-25




Purpose and Audience

What is the purpose of the article? Is the purpose stated or implied?

Who is the article’s intended audience?  Why authors target that audience?

How do factors of purpose and audience affect tone and content?



Do the authors have adequate qualifications/expertise? How do authors’ qualifications indicate that they have authority in the field? (look them up)

Is the work cited in other writings? Criticised? Lauded?


Accuracy & Reliability

Does the article offer trustworthy information? Is a bibliography or reference list available so information can be verified?

Check if data, statistics, and facts are documented (and timely)



Is the information biased or objective? How?  Is that appropriate?

Are the article’s opinions supported by research? Fact? Why? Is that appropriate?

Examine the evidence presented.  Is it adequate or credible? Why or why not?



Is the information current?  Should it be? How has theory changed from older articles? Are the current research findings/ theories evident? Should they be?



Does the article adequately cover its topic?

Are important aspects of the topic omitted? Are omissions acknowledged?

Does the article significantly contribute to the field/discipline? In what way?



Part C

         Identified most interesting concepts learned

         Discussed content significance in overall business setting

         Had examples of concepts use in personal work setting 

         Gave personal recommendation with reasons for opinion

         Demonstrated critical thinking in all/ some/few/no areas



0-20                        21-30                  31-35









Part D - Professionalism

         Grammar, formatting, accuracy, time limit met (y/n)

         Presentation had all required components

Presentation skills:

         Clear voice, good pace, appropriate gestures

         Spoke naturally - did not read or memorize

         Kept the audience engaged


0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8   9 10










List of possible Journals for MGMT 601 Article Reviews


Your article must be 12-15 pages in length, be on topic, and must have an author and a publisher to be a valid choice.


  1. Academy of Management Journal
  2. Academy of Management Perspectives
  3. Academy of Management Review
  4. Academy of Management, Learning, & Education
  5. Administrative Science Quarterly
  6. British Journal of Management
  7. Business Ethics Quarterly
  8. Business Strategy & the Environment
  9. Journal of Business Ethics
  10. Journal of Change Management
  11. Journal of International Business Studies
  12. Leadership Quarterly
  13. MIT Sloan Management Review

All of these journals are available through our library website.

Remember, you are doing research, so allow yourself lots of time to complete it. 

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