Internal Environmental Analysis/Strategy Analysis and Strategy



Assignment 2:  Internal Environmental Analysis/Strategy Analysis and Strategy

Selection (Week 6)


Purpose:  This assignment is the second of three assignments.  Students will use the

tools and concepts learned in the course and in previous business courses to develop

an understanding of how organizations develop and manage strategies to establish,

safeguard and sustain its position in a competitive market. 

Students also have the opportunity to review an organization’s objectives and goals and

the key functional areas within the organization.  Performing an internal environment

analysis helps assess a firm’s internal resources and capabilities and plays a critical

role in formulating strategy by identifying a firm’s strengths to overcome weaknesses. 

Students will then 1) assess long-term objectives, 2) identify and evaluate alternative

strategies and 3) recommend strategies for a company to pursue. 


In completing the assignment, students will use the chapters in the eBook as a guide

and perform research on the company from Assignment 1, answer the questions below

in narrative form following the steps provided below: 

Step 1:  Create a double-spaced, 12-point font Word or Rich Text Format (RTF)

document.  The final product cannot be longer than 16 pages in length, which includes

all tables and matrices but excludes the title page and reference page.  Do no use an


Step 2:  Review assignment grading rubric.

Step 3:  Follow the following format using these topics as headings:

 Title page with title, your name, the course, the instructor’s name;

 Company Background/Information

 Internal Environmental Analysis

 Strategic Analysis & Strategy Selection

 Reference page

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