Inventory Management



Why is it important for organizations to effectively manage their inventory?   

Inventory Management

The following links contain information on inventory management and will be beneficial to you as you work on this module's assignments. Please review them after you have looked over the Case Assignment.

Start by reviewing the article below on inventory turnover. It will give you a good introduction on importance of proper inventory management.

Schreibfeder, J. (n.d.). Why is inventory turnover important? Effective Inventory Management, Inc. Retrieved on December 12, 2014, from

Next, review the information at this link to this website that has numerous resources:

About Vendor Managed Inventory. (2014). Vendor Managed Inventory. Retrieved on December 12, 2014,  from

Case Assigment Reading

Ravichandran, N. (2008). Managing bullwhip effect: Two case studies. Journal of Advances in Management Research, 5(2), 77-87. Retrieved on December 12, 2014, from ProQuest in the Trident Online Library.

For your convenience, each source’s Accession Number (AN) is listed on the Course Materials and Bibliography page, Course Syllabus. For easy access to the source, enter the AN into the search line of the Trident Online Library.

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