Briefly define Panera’scorporate-level and business-level strategies.



Briefly define Panera’scorporate-level and business-level strategies. Evaluate the profit potential of the industry in which Panera competes. Draw a TOWS Matrix (attached as an exhibit) for Panera, indicating at least two of each of the firm’s IFASs and its EFASs and the SO, ST, WO, and WT strategies that follow from them. [No narrative necessary here – just the TOWS Matrix inserted in the text of your essay.] Discuss Panera’s Value Chain, focusing on the KSFs they possess in both their primary activities and support activities. What does the Panera’s ratio analysis reveal about the company’s financial performance and financial health over the years covered in the case? In your view, what were the key challenges confronting Panera at the time of this case, and what recommendations would you suggest for Panera to do in order to mitigate them?

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