Briefly present the organisation considered and the industry it belongs to.



Literature Review: Structure
•       Research Title

•       Introduction (300 to 450 words) 
In this section, you need to 
-       Briefly present the organisation considered and the industry it belongs to. 
-       Introduce the general problem/opportunity. 
-       Explain why your topic is important and why you have selected it.
-       Identify the scope of the review — what aspects of the topic will be
discussed/excluded from discussion.

•       Literature review (1,500 to 1,750 words)
In the literature review, you need to
-       Proceed from the general, wider view of the research under review to the
specific problem:
a)      Identify major concepts and influential studies in relation to your topic. 
b)      Discuss at least 15 sources relevant to your topic. When discussing these
sources, focus on areas of agreement, disagreements, tensions and contentious
issues related to your topic. 
c)      Provide insight into the relation between the studies discussed and your
For example, among several types of management discussed in the literature you
need to identify (and justify your choice) the one that is more
appropriate/relevant to the particular organisation you are considering. 
-       Develop three research questions taking into account your literature review
findings and the situational analysis of the organisation discussed. 
Research questions must be developed as on outcome of the literature
considered. They should be integrated in the discussion, NOT presented as a
stand-alone list at the end of the review. Generic questions (e.g. ‘What are
the reasons for …?’ ‘What can be done to …”) are not acceptable.   

•       Conclusion (200 to 300 words)
-       Point out major findings of your literature review and explain how these
findings can help the organisation address problems/opportunities identified.
-       Indicate who the potential users of the study findings could be, and how the
study might be used to improve the organisation(s), group(s), or sector.

•       Reference list (not included in word count)

Information sources
For this literature review, you need to include justifications which are based
on academically recognised articles.  Your main source of information will be
•       Academic Books
•       Journal Publications
•       Business Magazines
•       Industry reports
•       Statistics NZ reports

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