Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. case study



Use the IRAC method and ensure that you have identified the case problem. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.Case analyses are extremely helpful in that an analysis teaches you how to read a case.  You will always want a heading which gives the case name and its citation <where to find the case>.  The facts help us decide whether another case is similar or dissimilar to the one we are looking at and helps us to predict what a court will do in the future.  The issue is what the court is trying to decide.  An easy way to write it is "whether... <insert law>...when <insert facts>."  For example, an issue from one of the examples on page 9 of your text is "whether tobacco manufacturers have liability for the deaths of smokers when the manufacturers knew that smoking was harmful to the smokers' health."

The ruling is the answer to the issue.  Did the court affirm or reverse the lower court's decision and happens next?  Last, the reasons should tell why the court decided the way it did.  In your case, include statutes and/or cases the court relied upon in reaching its decision.

Current case: Burwell-vs-Hobby Lobby

*Roughly 2-3 pages of notes*

These are the notes I came up with so far but I am not too sure how to expand on them like requested. 

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