Business as Stakeholder in Public Education



Case Study: Business as Stakeholder in Public Education

Read the article provided below and provide a 5 page synopsis of the case study (NOT

including the cover & Reference Page) NEED TO HAVE: Introduction, the 5 section

headers, and conclusion. 

Use the 5 section headers below as a guide of what is needed:

Within your synopsis please explore issues regarding the benefits and weaknesses of

public-private agreements and regulations in education reform, the possible impediments to

success in the endeavor, and what the roles of each stakeholder (the government and the

private entity) should be. Also, address any additional factors that may work in favor of, or

against the success of this project.

The report should contain (These are the 5 section headers):

 Contract considerations: Discuss major considerations in deciding to

contract such as supplier considerations, service considerations, and Government


 Advantages and Disadvantages: Identify at least three advantages and

disadvantages for contracting out.

 Cost and price analysis: Discuss the costs involved in this endeavor and

provide insight into public benefit of entering into the PPP versus having the

government provide the services as a sole entity.

 Ethical considerations: Outline some of the ethical concerns the public

sector should consider prior to and after entering into a PPP.

 Social value assessment: Assess the social value ( the value that

nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), social enterprises, social ventures, and

social programs create) of the move from government centric to public-private

education. Within your answer look at the cost savings and economic effects of the

program, as well as the risks associated with implementation of the program.

**Must cite information from the article itself & a few other articles that relate to the point

your trying to make! Writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original

and insightful, organization and mechanics are expected.


(Please only use journal & news articles, government & law websites along with websites

that have all the information needed such as the author, publishing date or publication year,

article title and periodical title with the volume/issue and page numbers for accurate citation

and credibility purposes; APA Style; cite the article itself & add 2-3 ADDITIONAL

sources (Can have Govt sources, need peer reviewed journals-all paraphrased) Also

cite where all of the information came from at the end of every paragraph while using in text

citations. The information should be well written, organized, and able to understand clearly

as this is a graduate level case brief.

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