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Week 2: Assignment

Clearly identify your work with your name, the date, the week number and the assignment

name, and upload work to the Dropbox.

The questions are designed to probe the higher levels of thinking and learning such as

analyzing, evaluating and creating, and so there often are no “correct” answers. Instead of

focusing and who wins or loses the case, you should analyze, evaluate and create alternative

solutions to the various issues presented while arguing and debating the connections

between business, law, politics and ethics.

Terminal Course Objective: G

Based on your reading, write a 1-2 page reflective paper (double spaced) on the following

questions while discussing the connections between business, law, politics and ethics.

One: There has been a movement in the last decade encouraging people to “buy American.”

Discuss the legal and ethical issues related to boycotting goods from other countries. What are

the practical business implications of such a move?

Two: The World Trade Organization, or WTO, is the largest and most influential of the trade

organizations. China and other heavy counterfeiting nations are part of this group. What could

WTO-participating nations do to address the problems of counterfeiting? What should they do?

Three: The United Nations Security Council, the main decision-making body at the UN, is

comprised of five regular members: China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom

and the United States. Ten more members are elected from the General Assembly. Given the

make-up of the committee, what type of action might the UN take with regard to the

counterfeiting issue?

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