Business Management and Criminology



Area bolded black is my topic area : Business Management and Criminology Area bolded red is how I plan to interconnect both topics together. All citations must be peer-reviewed work (scholarly journals/articles or books.) please limit website url links. Book Reference preferred. My Discipline areas will be on Business Management and Criminology. Specifically I will focus on the detriment caused by high crime areas on business and the detriment caused by lack of business (jobs) in any given area. While all businesses face challenges you may be asking how is running a business interconnected with crime. Well the crimes committed in any given jurisdiction have detrimental tendencies towards business and the lack of business overall. The sequel goes like this. When an area is prone to crime, customers will be the first to dissociate themselves from such an area. Consequently, a business starts to experience losses in that inventory remains unsold and when businesses, suppliers and distributors do not make any profits. It is only imperative for them to move away from such an area. The process is quite clear and criminology comes out as a great compliment to the well-being of business processes. So far finding time to read all of my material along with the peer reviewed information are the only challenges I am facing currently.

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