Business Process Analysis and Functional Requirements



ISFM-300 Case Study, Stage 2: Business Process Analysis and Functional



Before you begin this assignment, be sure you:

1. Have completed all previously assigned readings, particularly those assigned in Week 2.

2. Re-read the “Kelly's Salon Case Study" and the Stage 1 assignment, and review the

“Walmart Example,” beginning with "Background for Stage 2" on page 3.

3. Review Instructor feedback from the Stage 1 assignment.

4. Carefully review the Example shown following the Assignment instructions below.

Overview of Business Process Analysis and Functional Requirements for Kelly's Salon

For your Case Study Stage 1 assignment, you performed a Five Forces Analysis and justified Kelly's

chosen strategy for competitive advantage and the business process that she would like to

improve through the application of technology.

In the Stage 2 assignment, you will identify the inputs, processing, and outputs of Kelly's

selected business process. Those inputs, processing, and outputs form the functional (business)

requirements for an IT system to improve the process.

The first step in identifying the functional or business requirements for an information system is to

develop the high level requirements that establish the scope of the system. Kelly has selected

the Customer and Employee Scheduling Process for improvement using an IT solution, and

together you have identified the following high level requirements. The system must:

  •  Allow employees to enter their availability and desired days/times to work
  •  Allow Kelly to review the employee requests and develop a schedule
  •  Make the schedule available to employees to review their final work schedule
  •  Make the employee schedule available for staff to enter customer appointments
  •  Allow Kelly and the staff to enter customer appointments
  •  Keep track of customer appointments, including stylist and service performed
  •  Accommodate changes in the employee schedules and customer appointments, and update the schedule accordingly
  •  Accommodate changes in the customer information stored in the system
  •  Provide management reports to Kelly showing employee workload, customers served,
  • customer contact information, busy times/days, etc.

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