C Programming assignment

computer science


\A Simple C ProgramPlease provide the screen shots required
int main(void)
/*a simple program */
int num; /*define a variable called num*/
num=1; /*assign a value to num */
printf( "I am a simple"); /* use the printf() funtion */
printf("My favorite number is %d because it is first.n",num);
return 0;

Type-in“The first.c Program” on page 28 of your textbook using a C compiler text editor. The objective of this assignment is to help you get familiarize with the C program developing environment. When you submit your assignment please make sure to submit compiled version of your C program with the correct output.

Submit a screenshot of the executed program and the code of the program.


how to run the program in order to get the screen shots that are being requested within this assignment. Can you run the program and simply provide me screen shots as the assignment request as well as steps on how I can run the program.

. Currently I am using Visual Studio 2013. Can you please provide info/steps on how I can run future assignments in order to retrieve the screen shots ?

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