Capital Budgeting assignment



The topic for this paper is capital budgeting.

Students are expected to write a critical evaluation of an approved paper topic. Students' submissions will be evaluated based on the thoroughness with which they address the topics. Topics should be related to financial management in the broad sense. Each paper should be six to eight pages in length. An attachment showing calculations does not count as a page. Submitting a paper from a previous or current class is not acceptable and will incur a two-grade deduction for lack of originality.

Papers should go beyond simply summarizing the topic and you will earn points for exhibiting critical thinking or adding value through your superior analysis and relating the article to real world applications.

Some guidelines:

- Use a recently published paper with empirical evidence (with research question, introduction/relevance of the paper, data, methodology, hypothesis, conclusions, etc.)

- Avoid philosophical discussions on ethics, missions, etc.

- Avoid pure management, economics or IT discussions, this is a finance course so the focus should be on financial issues: capital budgeting, capital structure, payout policy, risk management, treasury management, etc.

- Avoid plagiarism. Your submissions will be assessed on originality.

Departures from these guidelines will be heavily penalized in the grading.

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