The company GroupMe



Need at least 3 full pages (excluding graphs, tables, references, etc.) Going over the following points about the company GroupMe. The project paper should be written in MS Word in 12-point Times New Roman font (double spaced and one-inch margins on all four sides).

Points that need to be covered within the paper. (I have discussed these in an oral presentation so i have attached a powerpoint that covers the key points).

  1. Utopian and dystopian effects of the technology/medium and its future development
  2. References (10 points) - your use of relevant materials from the Web, the library, and the readings assigned for this course. Did you use the references appropriately and accurately?
  3. Writing style (10 points) - Is the paper formally written and free from spelling and grammar errors?
  4. Conformity to the guidelines (50 points) - Did  you adhere to the guidelines provided by the instructor?

Positive influence on human communication at the interpersonal, group, organizational, and societal level

Negative influence on human communication at the interpersonal, group, organizational, and societal level

Suggestions and recommendations for overcoming its limitations and negative effects

Future development

Grading Guide

Thoroughness (40 points) - Did you address all the questions and topics stated in your section? Did you address them in a clear and precise manner?  

You are encouraged to use literature sources from class readings, books, magazines, newspapers, the library, and the World Wide Web. When you cite these sources, in addition to in-text citations, you should list all sources in a reference list attached to the end of your section. You should follow APA or MLA style for writing the paper and all references.

Instruction Files

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