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For this assignment, you will design a program of career intervention(s) for a target population.  When selecting your population, consider the career development theories discussed in our course. Design your intervention based on the theory you feel would best meet the needs of your population chosen.  Interventions should include at least one quantitative and one qualitative career assessment with a rationale for why these particular assessments were chosen.  (Examples of qualitative assessments can include games, card sorts, genograms, etc.)  Your design will include the following: 

  • selection and description of a target population (e.g., high school students)
  • description of the needs or presenting concern of your target population (e.g., enhanced self-awareness) based on research and guiding theory
  • objectives of program (e.g., engage in career exploration)
  • resources needed for your program (e.g., assessments, pens, rooms, etc.)
  • length of program plan with rationale and meeting topics
  • selection and description of a quantitative and qualitative assessment for use with population (e.g., Career Decision Scale)
  • rationale for selection of specific assessments (e.g., age appropriate, etc.)
  • method of communicating or interpreting results (e.g., special report, one-on-one meetings
  • methods and/or model of evaluation (e.g., satisfaction survey, objectives-based model)
  • potential issues, strengths, or obstacles to your design
  • appropriate references

the book for this course was 
Niles, S. G. & Harris-Bowlsbey, J. (2017). Career Development Interventions (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.

The formatting of this document should be logical and include a cover page and reference page(s) adhering to APA style.  Your assignment should present information in a primarily narrative format.  Career intervention programs should include at least one reference other than our course textbook.  Bullets or list should be kept to a minimum.

target population will be high school students.

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