Case: Baxter Gardening, Inc. (BGI) (Solved)

computer science


Case:  Baxter Gardening, Inc.  (BGI)

Analyzing Customer Orders


In this case you will learn how to:

  • Apply functions:  SUM, SUMIF, COUNT, COUNTIF
  • Create pivot tables
  • Create pivot charts
  • Apply formatting:  Cell and Worksheet
  • Use the Filter tool

Mel Finder is the owner and manager of Baxter Gardening, Incorporated (BGI).  The company specializes in selling plants and gardening equipment to greenhouses and garden shops around the U.S.  The cost of shipping perishable plants and heavy equipment is expensive, and Mel wants to determine which shipping method would be most cost effective for BGI to use.  He wants you to analyze customer orders to determine the volume of orders by geographical region, shipping method, and payment pattern.  Mel created an Orders worksheet for use in performing this analysis.  His design for this worksheet contains columns described by the following data definitions:

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