Case study of Chimerix assignment help



Where to find it: The following two articles:

  • The CEO who saved a life and lost his job
  • Chimerix CEO out in wake of Josh Hardy compassionate use media frenzy
  1. Write a summary of the case (approximately 100-150 words).
  2. Identify (and explain) the ethical issues that have arisen in this case.
  3. Identify (and explain) all of the stakeholders in the case, and thoroughly discuss each of their viewpoints (e.g. needs, desires, concerns, costs, benefits, power, etc.).
  4. Identify (and explain in details) all ethical principles, that if employed, could have helped prevent the ethical issue(s) observed in the case, or if employed now, could help prevent the ethical issue(s) observed in the case from occurring in the future.
  5. Using the ethical approaches you have identified, recommend a plan of action for the company that will help the company remain competitive and avoid such problems in the future.
  6. Explain the expected positive and negative consequences of the plan of action you recommend.

Please read the above articles carefully and consider doing some online research about the case before starting to work on the assignments. 

Please answer the following questions in separate sections each with its own title:

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