Case Study on Right of Privacy

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Select one of these Ethics in Technology issues:

  1. Computer and/or Internet Crime
  2. Right of Privacy
  3. Freedom of Speech and Expression
  4. Protection of Intellectual Property
  5. Software Products Liability
  6. Employer/Employee Issues

Research and select a federal judicial opinion that discusses different legal views of the Ethics in Technology issue you have selected. Write a case study analysis that includes the following specifics:

  1. Name and citation of the case
  2. Summary of the facts of the case
  3. Positions of the opposing parties
  4. Summary of the issues of the case
  5. Analysis of each position including moral and ethical principles that apply
  6. Analysis of how decision has changed and will change Information Technology

The submitted paper must be at least 4 pages (excluding cover page and references) and written to APA standards.

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