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An article critique is a specific type of reading response that asks you to read, analyze and discuss the strengths and

weaknesses of an academic article. Critiques are holistic and examine both the content of the article and the ways in

which is written before rendering an opinion on the validity or worthiness of the article. Ultimately, the purpose of the

critique is to determine if the article meets your (personal and field‐specific) standards of topic selection, evidence, logic

and writing style.


You need to carefully and critically read an article of your choice from one of the journals of the list from the journal

project. You then need to compose a narrative response of at least 2 pages that

 Briefly (1 paragraph) summarizes the article

 Makes a claim about the strength or validity of the author’s claims,

Supports your claims about the author’s work with specific evidence from the article

Makes a supported recommendation about whether someone in your field should use this article in his/her own

research or writing.


Your critique should be in essay format, using complete sentences and paragraphs. It should begin with a summary

that identifies the article and author. That should be followed by your evaluation of the research and writing of the

article, supported by evidence. Finally, you should conclude with a 1 paragraph recommendation, again supported

by evidence, about the use of the article.

Your review should contain direct references (quotes, summaries and paraphrases) from the article. You need to

correctly cite your summary at the beginning with a signal phrase and in‐text citation. All other evidence should be

cited in APA format. Include a correctly formatted APA‐style Reference entry at the end of your paper. (It doesn’t

need to be on its own page.)


This time, the article choice is up to you. Using the skills you’ve gained as a researcher and writer, locate an

appropriate research‐based article in the library’s databases. You must send me a PDF of the article by Saturday

Sept. 26 at 11:59 pm for approval.

You may not choose the same article as someone else in the class, so if you have something you’d like to write

about, you need to send me your choice promptly.

If your article is not approved, you must send a new choice by Sunday, Sept. 27 at 11:59 pm.


o Saturday 9/26 ‐ Article choice for approval in Moodle Article Critique Assignment 3 portal by 11:59 pm.

o Sunday 9/27 ‐ Revised article choice (if necessary) in Moodle Article Critique Assignment 3 portal by 11:59 pm.

o Wednesday 9/30 ‐ Assignment due to Moodle by 11:59 pm

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