The book is the environment and you, second edition, by lissa leege and norm christensen.i can't find the pdf for the book.. it's not a requirement to use the book as long as you follow the instructions..

Your goal in the final project is to develop your own ecological advocacy plan. Re-read the “Agents of Change” sections in the textbook for some examples of ways that students have engaged in ecological advocacy in their local communities to solve specific environmental
This project should be presented in the form of a paper that includes the following parts: an outline of the problem that the advocacy project intends to address or solve, an accurate, scientific description of the ecosystems impacted by the problem, including the level of impact, short and long term consequences, and collateral damage, an outline of the advocacy plan including all needed steps to put the plan into action, and an evaluation of the potential impact of the advocacy project, should it pick up speed in your community.
Your project should be 3-4 pages in length


Anthropogenic worldwide change is the fundamentally modifying atmosphere, mineral

cycles, arrive cover, and biotic groups. These progressions guarantee that human activities

influence wherever on Earth. In a few ranges, for example, the focal point of the major urban

areas, personal change is close outright, while in different spots, for instance, remote parks,

human impact is felt predominantly through the adjustment of global cycles.

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