help researching Verizon Here are topics to talk about Verizon Please write in complete sentence do not copy and paste, no plagiarizing, write it as you were writing an essay. Write 150-250 words per topic give as much details as possible. Please refer to the example of the NVidia I’ve done. Provide the reference page too!

  • 1) Background and Industry Information
  • 2) Product and Services
  • 3) Customers and Competition
  • 4) Life at Verizon
  • 5) Opportunities and Professional Growth
  • Verizon SWOT Analisys
  •      >Strength
  •      >Weaknesses
  •      >Opportunities
  •      >Threats

Please follow the example provided. I tend to get a lot of incorrect assignments because the tutor's don't follow the examples I've been giving.

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