Performance Management Program.



Implementation of a Performance Management Program

Consider you are an HR manager within a relatively small organization of approximately

65 employees. Recently, there have been a number of concerns voiced about managing

employee performance and evaluating it against the goals of the organization. It has been

a challenge to align roles and responsibilities within the organization, and there are

growing concerns that the problem will worsen as the company continues to evolve and

expand. As a result, you have been tasked with the design and implementation of a

performance management program. Through your experience and research you have

come up with a design that you feel allows for both the consistency and flexibility that a

growing company requires in a performance management program.

The next hurdle involves the implementation of the program. How long do you have to

complete the implementation? Whose buy-in do you need before the program can go

live? In what order would you inform all entities of the details of the new program? What

steps could you take to ensure a successful implementation?

In this week’s Assignment you will analyze the process of implementing a performance

management program within an organization.

To prepare for this Assignment, you will evaluate an organization with which you are

familiar or one that might benefit from the implementation of a new performance

management program. You may use publicly traded organizations, if you wish, whose

information is readily available on the Internet.

Complete this Assignment by developing a 3- to 5-page paper, following the guidelines


  • Identify the organization that you have selected and explain the benefits available to 
this organization in implementing a new or revised performance management program.
  • Identify the stakeholders within your selected organization, Select whose support
  • would be needed. Explain why their buy-in would be necessary.
  • Explain the timeline of sequenced steps necessary in launching, testing, and
auditing a performance management program; and explain your rationale. 

  • Identify at which point on the time line each of the key stakeholders should be brought
into the process. (Note: Consider this as a section within the paper, not a visual

  • Identify and describe the key steps to successfully implementing a performance management program.

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