Compare and contrast the different types of tribometers.



Compare and contrast the different types of tribometers. In your opinion which tribometers best represents the slip resistance of a surface. What dimensions would you use for a booth-type hood if you wanted an exhaust rate of 1000 cubic feet per minute and a capture rate of 100 feet per minute to capture organic vapors from a paint spray operations? Be sure to show your work. If you wanted to clean the air that you are capturing before exhausting it outside what type of air cleaning device would you recommend and why ? Osha regulates means of egress under subpart E of 29 CFR 1910. The NFPA publishes the life safety codes containing guidelines for emergency egress. Compare and contrast the requirements for OSHA subpart E and the NFPA life safety codes. Of the two, which do you believe provides the most protective requirements for emergency egress? Discuss how the life safety code may be incorporated into the Osha regulations. 4. Compare and contrast the different types of barriers that might be used to protect openings in a floor at a production facility. What factors should an engineer take into account when designing one of these barriers? In your opinion which type of barrier would be most appropriate for an opening between all four floors of a facility that designed to move material between floors using a crane located on top floor. Support with at least one reference?

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