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After many years of dealing with incomplete and inaccurate information about the classrooms

on campus, the faculty of Stony Brook have decided to band together to create a system that

will allow them to quickly reference the facilities present in each room, and search for rooms that

fulfil certain criteria. In order to have fast access to their large database of rooms and buildings,

they have decided to hire you to build a room information system that is based on hash maps.

You will be modeling the hash maps on the physical structure of campus, with one hash map

relating each building's name to its content hashmap. The content hashmap will relate the room

number to a classroom object containing all the relevant features of the room. You must be able

to add and remove buildings from the campus, as well as add and remove classrooms from

each building, and edit classrooms to reflect changes.

Additionally, you must implement a search function that will either search a building or the whole

campus for classes fulfilling certain criteria. For this assignment, you may use sequential search

(however, if the search involves only one building you definitely shouldn't search the whole


Finally, as the monkeys in the basement sometimes take a break from using the treadmill power

turbine generators, the power occasionally goes out and the system must be shut down and then

restarted without losing data. You must use Java Serialization to achieve this.

NOTE: All exceptions explicitly thrown in Required Classes except for IllegalArgumentException

are custom exceptions that need to be made by you.

Required Classes

1. Classroom

Write a fully documented class named Classroom that contains four private data fields: boolean

hasWhiteboard, boolean hasChalkboard, int numSeats, and String[] AVEquipmentList. This

class will be used to represent a classroom within Stony Brook.

This class must implement the Serializable interface.

 private boolean his whiteboard

 This field is true if the classroom has a whiteboard, false otherwise.

 private boolean his chalkboard

 This field is true if the classroom has a chalkboard, false otherwise.

 private int numSeats

 This field holds the number of seats the classroom has.

 private String[] AVEquipmentList

 This field holds the names of the AV Equipment that are supported in the room.

 OPTIONAL: You can use List< String> as the data type, whichever is easier.

Getter and Setter methods for the above four member variables.

2. Building or Building HashMap< Integer, Classroom>

The database of Classrooms will be stored in a HashMap. Use the room number of the

classrooms as the key for the HashMap. In this assignment, you must use them

HashMap/HashTable implementation provided by the Java API. You may use inheritance if you


This class should also implement Serializable. interface.

  •  public void addClassroom(int roomNumber, Classroom classroom)
  •  This method adds a Classroom into the Building using the specified room

number as the key.

  • Throws an IllegalArgumentException if the given roomNumber = null or if the

room number is already in the Building.

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