The script must provide some way to ask the user for the limits and then display the results in a nicely formatted HTML table.

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Create a PHP script using nested for loops to create a multiplication table. The  script must provide some way to ask the user for the limits and then display the  results in a nicely formatted HTML table. For example if the user specifies the  limits to be 3 and 5 then following table would be produced

1 2 3

2 4 6

3 6 9

4 8 12

5 10 15

3. Create a single script that creates a multi-page, wizard type, input screens. The 

script must display at least 3 different pages. Page #1 should allow the user fill in 

at least two text fields as well as one check box. Page #2 should ask for 4 more 

fields to be entered. The last page should display a summary screen of all the data 

in the first two pages but should not allow any modifications. Add appropriate 

navigation buttons on the pages so the user can go back and correct any data as 


Develop the above using hidden fields on the forms.

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