Consider a collection of at least 100 computer-based objects with some linking theme.

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Navigation in Visualisation:

Consider a collection of at least 100 computer-based objects with some linking theme. These might, for example, be a set of web pages

of interest, the hierarchical file structure on your personal computer, the individual photos in your personal photo album, your personal

music collection, or all of your out-going emails from the past year.

Now devise a visual indexing/accessing technique which allows you easily to select a particular object, to move from one object to another,

or to identify groups of objects (for example all of the photos taken in Chicago, or all of the photos taken last summer). The technique

should help the user understand the scope of the collection, as well as confidently navigate within it.

Although you are required to include only 100 object instances in your solution, and there is no requirement for automatic generation of

the index/access, you should discuss how well your solution would scale (how well would it cope with 1000 objects? 10,000?). You should give

some thought to appropriate classifications and access techniques, which will be dependent on the object set you choose. Should you use a map,

a timeline, a tree structure, an alphabetic list, or some other visual representation? How will you convey the size of subgroups or indicate

object density or availability in a map or a timeline?

Note that for this assignment you are required to produce a computer-based demonstration prototype populated with at least 100

sample objects. For demonstration purposes, however, some of these objects may be placeholders, as long as this doesn’t have an undue impact

on the demonstration. The implementation should be based on a software package with which you are familiar; PowerPoint,

or Flash based submissions are acceptable.


Basically, what is required is the slide sequence of visualization on

PowerPoint, to show how it would be progressed. So, this is not just

about creating a design on one slide only, we need to show the steps

to satisfy the requirements as mentioned above.

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