Continuous Assessment 40%: Essay (30%) and Presentation (10%).



Instructions to candidates:

Continuous Assessment 40%: Essay (30%) and Presentation (10%).

Write an essay (2,000 words) on the title provided.

The submission date for the essay is Thursday 30th January 2020.

Penalties will be applied for late submission, as per the student handbook.

Prepare a 10 minute presentation on the essay. Please ensure that you sign for a slot on the schedule.

You are required to submit a hard copy of the presentation to the lecturer.




a) Social care managers must recognise that every employee must be respected as an individual with unique needs, preferences, and concerns regarding work. In this context, it is important for the social care manager to appreciate and understand how process theories of motivation can assist in this endeavour. 



i) ​Explain the central features of Expectancy Theory, and consider its relevance for motivating employees in a social care setting.

(1,000 words)

ii) ​Consider how Equity Theory can assist the social care manager in appreciating how the equity dynamic works in the form of input-to-outcome comparisons.

(1,000 words)





b) Dealing effectively with conflict situations relies not only on recognising the factors which might precipitate it, but also on the manager’s style and approach to negotiation when seeking a constructive solution.



i) Define what is understood by conflict in organisations, and explain the factors which can contribute to it.

(300 words)

ii) Consider five alternative conflict management styles, offering some comment    on their relevance for resolving conflict in a modern social care organisation.


(800 words)

iii) ​Offer some discussion regarding the main negotiation tactics and strategies which could be used to resolve conflict in social care settings.

(900 words)

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