Professional Development Memo Assignment



Module 1: Professional Development Memo

Professional Development Memo Assignment

Select a professional or managerial position and develop a short position paper/memo (two to three pages) to be given to a senior manager and/or HR manager in the government unit. Your memo should contain recommendations for a formal development plan to be used with employees in the selected professional or managerial career. For example, if the target position is a city manager, the memo should address the education, training, assignments, and experiences necessary to advance from an entry-level position to the city manager position. In developing your memo, use at least three references. One could be the association you used in your Web Field Trip assignment. Another resource could be one of the associations in this list  download (Links to an external site.)which focuses on specific government professions. The information gathered from all these resources could be useful in developing your SDLP Plan in Module Two.

In addition to the reference list, include an Addendum in which you identify at least two (2) MPA courses that were helpful in thinking about and assessing this assignment challenge. List the courses in the Addendum and, in one or two sentences, describe the specific learning, resource, model, or tool from each course that is relevant to the assignment and how this helped you address the problem challenge.

Note: In this course, there will be a number of assignments involving preparing a memo to a decision maker. It is not unusual for a professional employee or manager in a mid-to-large government or non-profit organization to be assigned to research an organization challenge and prepare a position paper. This is also a terrific way for one to display talents and get additional visibility in the organization. An excellent resource in writing memos is located download

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