Corruption is a constant in societies and occurs in all civilizations.





Corruption is a constant in societies and occurs in all civilizations. Due to the high corruption levels around the world, Government and its ministries within Caribbean countries continue to be tremendously impacted as they depend on outside investors to boost the economies of the countries. This study looks at an overview of the high levels of corruption displayed within the public sector of the Caribbean country, Guyana. In Guyana, economic hardship, institutional weaknesses, criminal justice inefficiencies, as well as racial fractures in society provide fertile grounds for corruption (Robinson, Dena 2012; pg 3). This paper will seek to highlight the causes of corruption in the public sector, the ministries in which corruption is evidently shown and the factors that contribute mostly to corruption within the Government Ministries in the country. This study will also seek to give an overview of the compliance measures that are currently in place to eradicate corruption and the effectiveness of said compliance measures. In order to carry out this research proposal, we have decided to use a sample which focuses on the public sector of Guyana. A non-probability sampling type was used. We opted to complete a questionnaire to receive honest/anonymous feedback from persons working in the public sector of Guyana. This information will be analyzed in our data analysis section of the paper which will be used to support the hypotheses as stated below.


Key Words: Corruption, Compliance, Economy, Government






Research Topic

Corruption and Compliance: An investigation into Corruption in Guyana’s Public Sector



Statement of the Problem


The issue Guyana faces re: corruption in the public sector. Various types of corruption and in which departments or sectors of the public service it is evident.



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