Create a new Processing file, and save it as Lab41ChromaKey_yourLastNameFirstnameInitial.pde.

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1) Create a new Processing file, and save it as Lab41ChromaKey_yourLastNameFirstnameInitial.pde. 

2) Find two images (e.g. Google > green screen elmo > Choose image): 

a) One image with either blue or green background filmed. You might even consider to photograph/film yourself. Could use Google to find these images, or just create it using Photoshop; add one layer with blue (or green) fill. 

b) The other image could contain an unique visual appealing (visual effects) used as background plate. If you are familiar with Photoshop, feel free to use any Photoshop filter effects. Or use your custom filter from Lab01 (to save your work as an image file, use save( ) in Processing. 

3) Review the code in previous slide, and design an algorithm (ifelse conditional statements or loops to segment certain regions) to extract/modify blue (or green depending on your background plate). Then, combine with the other image as a foreground object. Review some example from Pixel operation in Processing

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