Create a program aka a new script for the project Comment your name and the date

computer science



1.       Create a program aka a new script for the project

2.       Comment your name and the date (5 points)

3.       Read in “Kobe_Stats.xlsx” using readtable (10 points)

4.       Print the size of table (matrix) (5 points)

5.       In a separate script(!!!), create a function that compares games (G) vs. games started (GS): (20 points)

a.       If he started LESS games than played (GS < G)

                                                               i.      Print “Kobe didn’t start this season”

b.       Else

                                                               i.      Print “He’s Kobe, of course he started!”

It should look something like this….(don’t say I didn’t help you out)

function name_of_function(your, inputs)

for i = 1:numel(one_of_the_inputs) % this will compare each item in the list

PUT YOUR IF STATEMENT IN HERE – make sure you’re looking through each item in your list (aka input(i) as i goes from 1 to numel(input), it will go through each part of the list!!!



6.       With a For Loop: (20 points)

a.       Calculate average points per season


7.       Bar Plot (20 points)

a.       Plot 3P (3 pointers made) and 3PA (3 pointers attempted)

b.       Plot FT (free throws) and FTA (free throws attempted)

c.       Label the x-axis with the seasons and y-axis with “Free Throws”

d.       Make a legend

*Hints* Check out this link

8.       Create a switchcase (in separate file and call it into your program aka the other script): (20 points)

a.       Prompt the user (input) to answer the question “Who’s BETTER Kobe, Lebron or Jordan?” -> Remember its expecting a string!!!!

b.       If user enters Kobe – print out “Mamba’s the GOAT of course!”

c.       Lebron – print out “the King reigns FOREVER!”

d.       Jordan – print out “6 rings, 6 mvps, you can’t jump over JUMPMAN!”


YOURE DONE! Before you do anything make sure your code runs flawlessly. Try every input to make sure it works!!!!

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