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IT Systems Architecture

You are a senior-level employee and you must tailor your deliverables to suit your audience: the

leadership of the organization. You may choose to use a fictitious organization, or model your

organization on an existing organization, including proper citations.

Leadership is not familiar with the architecture of the IT systems, nor are they familiar with the types of

threats that are likely or the security mechanisms in place to ward off those threats. You will provide this

information in tabular format.

Before you begin, review some material on information security. These resources will help you complete

the network security and vulnerability threat table.

LAN security


National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce. (1994).

Specifications for a guideline for the analysis of local area network security (Federal Information

Processing Standards Publication 191). Retrieved from 

Souppaya, M., & Scarfone, K., National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of

Commerce. (2012). Computer security: Guidelines for securing wireless local area networks

(WLANs): Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Special

Publication 800-153). Retrieved from



National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2004). Standards for security categorization of federal

information and information systems. Retrieved from

Now you’re ready to create your table. Include and define the following components of security in the

the architecture of your organization, and explain if threats to these components are likely, or unlikely:

  • LAN security
  • identity management
  • physical security
  • personal security
  • availability
  • privacy

Next, review the different types of cyberattacks described in the following resource: cyberattacks. As

you’re reading take note of which attacks are most likely to affect your organization. Then list the

security defenses you employ in your organization to mitigate these types of attacks. Include this

information in your Network Security and Vulnerability Threat Table. LINK below

Johnson, C., Badger, L., Waltermire, D., Snyder, J., & Skorupka, C. (2016). Computer security: Guide to

cyber threat information sharing.(NIST Special Publication 800-150, 2nd draft). Retrieved from

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