Creating a Program



Part B – Creating a Program 

1. Select File | Open… or (click the Open icon on the tool bar) and open the file “E1-17 Blank.mwp” you created in Part A. 

2. Select the “Program Block” 

3. On the ‘View’ menu, make sure ‘Symbolic Addressing’ has a check beside it. 

4. Use File | Save As… to save the file to permanent storage as Lab 1B. This will ensure that you will still have the symbol file for use in the future. 

5. Select the text that says “Program Comments”, and change it to say “Lab 1”, and the Group Members names. This can be a multi-line comment. 

6. Change the “Network Title” for Network 1 to say “Extend Cylinder A” 

7. Change the network comments to say “Cylinder will extend if the retract limit switch a0 is ON when Pushbutton 1 is pressed”. 

8. Expand the Bit Logic group in the Instruction Tree. Ensure that your participation is marked on the Lab Attendance form. 

9. Drag the NO contact to cover the arrowhead in Network 1. 

10. Enter PB1 as the name of the contact. 

11. Drag another NO contact to the right of the first, and call it a0 

12. Drag a coil symbol to the right of a0. Use the address AX for this output. 

13. Enter a Title and Comment for Network 2. (You are allowed only one rung per network.) 

14. This network should have a NO contact called a1 and an output called AR. 

15. Save the program again. 

16. Click the “Download” button to send the program to the PLC. (Answer “Yes” if asked to Stop the PLC.) Press “Download” in the Download Window. 

17. Click the “Run” button to start the program. (Answer “Yes” when asked to put PLC in RUN mode.) 

18. Press PB1 to cause cylinder A to extend and retract. (Be sure that the air to the board is on.) Part C – Modifying a program 1. Add to the program in Part B so that the cylinder will reciprocate continuously when SW1 is ON, and stop at the retracted position when SW1 is turned OFF. The function of Part B must be unchanged. 2. Add a rung to control one of the lights to be on whenever Cylinder A is not retracted.

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