Analytic Paper 4: Theory in Song (10%)

This paper seeks to engage your creativity by providing you an opportunity to apply theory to a popular song of your choice. This will provide an assessment of your knowledge of the theory you chose. This approach to learning criminological theory was found to be useful by Lamphere, Shumpert & Clevenger (2015), and an example from one of their students is given below for your reference.


    1. Select any song that appeared on any Billboard year-end chart from 1950 to present.
    2. Read the lyrics of the song carefully. You will be able to access these lyrics online. While reading, ask yourself, “What criminological theories might be used to explain what the artist is signing about?”

    3. Write a 3–5 page paper that applies key tenets of the chosen theory to the music and discusses background information on both the artist(s) and the chosen song. This information will strengthen your analysis. Be sure to include a copy of all the lyrics to the song at the end of your paper

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