CSCI 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming.

computer science


CSCI 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming

Instructors: Hoenigman

Assignment 5

Due Friday, Oct 1, by 12:30 pm

For this assignment, the solution for all problems should be in a file called

Assignment5_LastName.cpp, where LastName is your last name. Please include

comments in your code that explain what your code is doing. The comments should

also include your name, recitation TA, and the assignment number.

Weather forecasting

In this assignment, you will process a file of weather forecasting data for Boulder

and answer a few questions about the weather. There is a file on moodle called

boulderData that contains comma-delimited information about the weather forecast

for each day and the next three days.

The first day in the file is January 26, 2016 and the last day in the file is September

29, 2016. The format for each line in the file is as follows:

Day Forecast





temp Humidity Avg.














2016 H:40 L:26 43 6 WNW 10 WNW 0.0

Day: The current day

Forecast day: The day that the forecast is for. In this example, the day and forecast

day are the same, which means it’s the forecast for 1-26-2016 on 1-26-2016. There

are other lines in the file that show the forecast for a future day. For example, if the

day were 1-26-2016 and forecast day were 1-27-2016, it would be the forecast for

1-27-2016 issued on 1-26-2016.

High temp: The forecast ed high temp for the forecast day.

Low temp: The foretasted low temp for the forecast day.

Humidity: The foretasted humidity for the forecast day.

Avg. wind: The foretasted average wind speed for the forecast ed day.

Avg. wind direction: The forecasted average wind direction for the forecasted day.

Max. wind: The forecasted maximum wind speed for the forecasted day.

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