Currently issue a fine process in Sri Lanka is manual (paper based). This makes it difficult to track the ticketing

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Currently issue a fine process in Sri Lanka is manual (paper based). This makes it difficult to track the ticketing history and payment of fines from the ticket issuance time to the time of payment for the offence and only way to pay the fine payment using the post office that a problem if that day is a holiday. Post office is not enough for this process. Major problem with the paper base system is papers can be easily misplaces and data is not safe.


For the above mention, problems can be solved by implementing a system instead of the current manual (paper-based) process. Reason for address this mention problem currently Sri Lanka only way to a pay fine using the post office, most of post office are closed for public holidays. What happed when you got a fine statement during the public holidays?    This research mainly focuses to come up with a suitable System that will support the sustainable implementation of an automatic mobile ticketing system for traffic offences and driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) for Sri Lankans as per the regulations published under the Motor Traffic Act from the extraordinary gazette numbered 1726/12.


The purpose of the study is to design and build a mobile based ticketing system for the Sri Lankan Police traffic unit and web base system for the pay fine payment. This system will comes with more features such as E-crime (online crime submitting option). Interviews and questionnaires were used to get preliminary data on the current ticketing system. The impact the automated ticketing system will give of bunch of options one of that is include secure storage of ticketing transactions and easy to follow up transactions hence directing the funds into government coffers.

The implementation of this systems within Sri Lanka is still doubtful due to some practical issues, though the legal mechanism is already available. A fully integrated and well-equipped monitoring system will be required in order to ensure the effectiveness and the transparency of the system.

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