Customer value-chain relationship management.



• Topic. Customer value-chain relationship management.

Subjects of innovation: developers, entrepreneurs, investors, company employees. Formation of effective relationships between the subject of innovation in the context of interactive marketing. Analysis and involvement of stakeholders in innovative processes. Project approach to innovation. The value of the design approach and its main advantages. Project approach as a form of cooperation between companies in the value chain. Flexible form of

project management. Target audiences of innovative projects. The specifics of marketing innovative projects. Forms of involving consumers in the co-creation of values. Personnel innovative activity and methods of its increase.

– Definition, origin, objective and current state in today’s new normal of digitalization, shortened product lifecycle, COVID-19 pandemic;

– Applying the value chain to improve interactive marketing;

– Involving consumers in developing values, co-creation marketing;

– Crowdsourcing (including internal crowdsourcing) and crowdfunding: types, features, and problems of use, methods, existing platforms;

– Internal conditions for the formation of an innovative value chain;

– Corporate regulations and standards for innovation as a way to streamline and ensure the regularity of the innovation process.


1. All graphical data, tables, inserts have to be original: created by you via relevant software and with relevant references.

2. All references have to be done strictly in accordance with APA style referencing: every time you use a source in the text it should be noted and the relevant reference have to be addressed in the reference section in accordance with APA style requirements.

3.The analysis has to have a very clear and very logical German structure:

PART ONE: comprehensive introduction. Objectives and how to reach them.

PART TWO: very logically constructed main part. In the Power Point presentation there should be enough visuals & interactive materials to support you findings, not just text. Feel free to imbed relevant YouTube videos and the like on top of graphs and charts to strengthen your points.

V. PART THREE solutions and comprehensive conclusions.

Output: a Power Point presentation (very structured, with outline, introduction, main part, conclusion) of 25-30 slides (plus minus 20%) and a written report of 20 pages (plus minus 30%) in accordance with the above structure, Font Times New Roman size 12, spacing 1.2, with full references in text with date of access (for internet sources). Minimum number of recent (last 3 years) books, articles, reports, including on-line sources and resources in the reference section has to be 15. References have to be placed in text, so that it is clear which section refers to which source. Make sure you use APA style referencing and comply with APA requirements. Power Points and reports have to be composed using Richard Feynman model, which is designed as a technique to help learn pretty much anything and better understand concepts which are hard to get.

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